Jan 12, 2023

A beautiful recitation of verses from the Quran.


Below is a list of books I personally have read and enjoyed. Each one will have Book Title (will be linked to buy) and small description from book.

The Clear Quran: The Quran, a personal favorite English-translation.

FREE The Forbidden Prophecies: The Mayans. Nostradamus. Joseph Smith. Astrology. Tarot cards. Palm reading. These are just some of the individuals and practices that millions of people today believe can see into, and even influence, the future. A truly unique publication that will take you on a journey through history, putting the claims of the most popular prophets, oracles, and soothsayers to the test by scrutinising their predictions. You will see that there is one very special individual who stands out above all others when it comes to knowledge of the unseen. His ancient prophecies not only impact every human being alive today, but they also map out the major world-changing events on the horizon.

FREE The Eternal Challenge: A Journey Through The Miraculous Qur’an makes it vividly clear why the Quran has captivated the hearts and Minds of Muslims around the world. Aimed at Muslims and non-muslims alike, this book covers what the Quran teaches, explores its main themes and provides compelling reasons why it is the word of God.

Secrets of Divine Love: This book is for the one who is at the edge of their faith, who has experienced religion as a harsh winter instead of the life-bearing spring it was sent to be by God.

Articles / Blogs

Other websites dedicated to sharing the Message.

on Youtube

Channels, Sheiks & Scholars


Videos that share more details on our beliefs. As well as inspirational videos for times of hardships.

Spoken Word

Revert Stories

Stories from people who reverted/converted to Islam.

There is something so truly deep and sincere from Muslim revert stories. Their backgrounds, the paths they took and the depth of their journey to where they are now.

The purity you find in their hearts that reach the words upon their lips.

Forget all your pre-conceived notions and simply just listen to someone speak.

While you are watching - something I want you to take a mental note of: listen to their speech and how they present themselves.

For Muslims and non-Muslims alike, pay attention and be mindful. A small reminder to harness the best character within ourselves. Inshallah.

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